Meet Theresa

The short story…


Theresa Sanders has been writing professionally for twenty years. With twenty stories published by Chicken Soup for the Soul, she is a frequent contributor to the series. She was also a past columnist for the online literary journal, Tiny Lights: A Journal of Personal Narrative, and past president of Missouri Romance Writers of America, St. Louis chapter. Before pursuing creative writing, she was an award-winning technical writer and consultant who produced computer manuals, feasibility studies, proposals, and training curricula. She managed a technical writing department and was a Senior Associate Editor for the Society of Technical Communication’s newsletter, The Capital Letter, Washington D.C. chapter. Additional honors include an STC Award of Merit for the published manual, “Documentation Guidelines”; placing as a finalist in RWA’s national contest for a novel titled “To Trust a Stranger,” romantic suspense category; and Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in American Women, and Who’s Who in the Midwest.

The backstory…

I fell in love with words at a very tender age. As a toddler, I sat beside my grandmother, big as you please, listening as she read every Little Golden Book we could find. The words Gram spoke were as precious as air, giving rise to my budding writer’s soul. Simply put, stories filled me, thrilled me. Novels became beloved companions, libraries held every intrigue. As a teenager, I packed notebooks with stories I’d written and lulled myself to sleep each night with ongoing sagas. Born in Springfield, Missouri to parents with modest, middle-class dreams, I spent twelve years in parochial school leading a fairly sheltered life. But there was a big world out there, and I wanted to see it! I met my future husband, Jeff, at a movie theater where we both worked. Soon, we had two babies, and when Jeff was offered a job as a CIA analyst, we loaded up our belongings and headed for the east coast, settling in the Washington D.C. area. Several years after, I received a double bachelor’s degree in Organizational Psychology and Technical Management from the University of Maryland. On the work front, I parlayed my fascination with words into my job as a computer programmer, volunteering to write the documentation that no one else wanted to touch, and before long, I had found my niche. Yet there was still something missing: I secretly longed to return to my story roots and write creatively, no matter how impossible at the time that seemed. It was a trip to the Jersey shore that brought things full circle. While there, Jeff and I decided that it was time for me to pursue my writing dreams. We made other major changes in our life as well, adopting twin girls from Korea, something we’d always wanted to do, and moving our family to St. Louis. Today, I still live in the Gateway City, and my life is full with family, friends, and writing – always writing. I have a passion for love in all its forms, and stories that explore the joy and complication of relationship.

My current work in progress is a novel about two women facing traumatic situations in their lives and the unexpected friendship they form.

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